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Taming the body, taming the mind… August 20, 2007

Posted by belen in Blogroll, Personal Perspectives.

belen yogaAlmost one year ago, inspired by H.H. Sakya Trizin´s Vajrayogini teachings in Spain, I started to practice yoga on a daily basis, and seeing the results in my body(more flexibility, strength and vitality) the desire to become a yoga teacher-practitioner developed, too. But what surprised me most was the endurance that yoga gives, and the fact that with this endurance, the body can easily stand longer hours of meditation without so many bodily aches and pains, and without feeling one has to move positions so often. The body’s activity is accompanied by the activity of the mind, and as a result I have found that I can bear new, uncomfortable situations in life with more peace and tranquillity. I don’t experience so much mental stress or anxiety because I trust things more and don’t react to them as I used to. This immediate benefit makes me want to get out of bed when it is so cosy and nice in there, and my mind would like to dwell in old habitual thinking patterns of laziness and procrastination. This is another effect of yoga, it has the power to ignite positive energy and enthusiasm in one´s day, while providing a stable platform on which to build new, healthy and positive habits for oneself. I like having yoga practice as my breakfast, as my travel companion everywhere, stretching at a bus stop or at airports. It feels as if a sudden breath of fresh air comes into my mind and makes me appreciate everything and everyone with a new light…it makes mind transformation easier when we can accompany it with the body, and we can become more agile and lighter in the process. It is so joyful to feel no pain in the body and to know, with meditation, that it is, after all, impermanent.



1. Gaza - March 23, 2008

As far as I am aware, the teachings of hatha yoga come from the Hiindu yoga sutra of Patanjali and not the buddhist tradition.From your blog it appears as if HH taught yoga at the Vajrayogini course you attended-I am sure that is not the case. I do hope you will be completing the Buddhist preliminary practices before you engage in Vajrayogini meditation. Otherwise these sacred initiations will become nothing more than festivals of samaya breakers, something which i am sure is totally contrary to HHs wishes

2. Karen - March 27, 2008

My many lives are filled with broken vows, which my kind preceptors give me the courage to go beyond. Refuge, confession, offerings, and service to the beloved teacher are never truly finished. The “preliminary practices” can never be completed. They are practice itself, becoming second nature, and then first nature. Possibly a more accurate term is “foundation practices”, but this is just words. Another basic practice for Buddhists, Hindus, and spiritual practitioners of all traditons, is to try to set a good example, and to be kind.

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