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Khenpo Jorden’s visit to Victoria, Canada December 27, 2007

Posted by Karen in IBA news, International Buddhist Academy, Personal Perspectives, Sakya.

The IBA’s Khenpo Jorden recently made a five-day visit to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., where the Khenpo teaches at the University of Chicago. The visit was sponsored by Geshe Tashi Namgyal’s Victoria Dharma Centre, and was greatly enjoyed by those members (of Sakya Thubten Kunga Choling), whose beloved teacher, Geshe-la, is 85 years old, and is still teaching (and teasing) his students.

In addition to informal meetings with Geshe-la and members of the Centre, Khenpo Jorden translated for two of Geshe-la’s teachings: Chandrakirti’s Seven-Part Reasoning on the Selflessness of Persons,and The Wisdom of Hearing & The Four Seals of Buddhist Practice.

In addition to answering his students’ questions, through Khenpo Jorden’s translations, Geshe-la also directed questions towards his students, as is his custom, to see if his teachings had been understood. There was a lot of laughter as well as learning, and Geshe-la really enjoyed Khenpo Jorden’s presence.

The Khenpo also gave a public Dharma teaching at the University of Victoria, titled “The Basis, the Path, and the Result of Buddhist Practice”, with the Two Truths as the Basis, the Two Accumulations as the Path and the Two Kayas as the Result. There were many interesting questions which allowed additional mini-teachings by the Khenpo. As a special treat for his audience of approximately 65 people, Khenpo Jorden offered a very moving recitation of a prayer, in English translation, (usually titled “The Tibetan Prayer for Peace”) followed by a most exquisite and subtle chant of the same prayer in Tibetan, a truly memorable gift to the audience of practitioners.

Before he left Sakya Thubten Kunga Choling, the Khenpo was presented with a videotape of his public teaching and with a set of three DVDs containing digital sound recordings of almost three hundred of Geshe-la’s teachings, from 1984 to 1997, for the IBA archives.

The Victoria Buddhist Dharma Society’s members look forward to a return visit from the Khenpo, whose kindness in accepting their invitation was greatly appreciated.



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