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10 day retreat 2008 – Triple Vision July 15, 2008

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We just finished the annual 10-day meditation retreat at the IBA in Kathmandu. In the Buddhist tradition, the complete learning experience begins with teachings, which are then contemplated and finally put into practice. Meditation encompasses the many methods to familiarize oneself with the contemplated topic. As Buddha said, “Do not believe only because I have said it, experience the reality for yourself”. To train the mind we need to learn how to stop it from wandering.

IBA retreat 2008 - group pic

IBA retreat 2008 - group pic

In this 10-day retreat the topic of meditation was the Three Visions, a teaching from the Sakya school of Buddhism which flourished in Tibet. We covered the 1st part or the impure vision which describes our false perception of phenomena and how our afflictions lead us to suffering.
The best thing about this retreat was the varied format which included:

  • Teachings on the given topics
  • Contemplations
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Individual meditations
  • Guided group meditations

This format and the supportive conditions at the IBA offered me a real opportunity to learn, contemplate and meditate. Both teachers, Khenpo Lungrik Senge and Khenpo Ngawang Jorden, were very learned and friendly. The teachings were translated into English and Spanish. A separate retreat was held for Mandarin speakers. People with many different backgrounds from all around the globe attended the retreat making it feel just like a ”global village”. It was nice to see young Nepalis and Indian people in an international institute studying Buddhism. I’m happy the IBA helped make Dharma more accessible by offering discounts to local people.

My job was the gong ringer, waking retreatants at 6 and again throughout the day. A meditation in itself, ringing the gong reigned in my mind and kept all the retreatants on time and in the zone. No retreat would be complete without it.

The facilities and the food were of high standard. The helpful and cheerful staff made this retreat very comfortable. Now the IBA is starting a 2 month teaching on Vasubandhu’s Abhidharma Kosha which is considered an encyclopedia of Buddhism. After an inspiring retreat experience, I am looking forward to joining the next course. What you are doing?



1. Su-Pei Tan - January 22, 2009

Please inform me the date of this year programme in IBA including the 10 days retreat & the fees for the 3 months teachings. How much is the fee per course?

Rinchen - January 29, 2009

Hello Su-pei Tan,
Please visit this page for all the info on the summer courses:

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