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New Book November 24, 2008

Posted by Rinchen in IBA news, Sakyapa Writings.

clarifying the sage's intent

We have published a new edition of Teachings on Sakya Pandita’s Clarifying the Sage’s Intent. The text is drawn from teachings Khenchen Appey Rinpoche gave on Sakya Pandita’s classic, Clarifying the Sage’s Intent. This book is published here in Nepal by Vajra Publications but it will be available worldwide through Amazon.com and other distributors.

From the Introduction:

Clarifying the Sage’s Intent describes the stages of the bodhisattva path from the very beginning right up to full and perfect enlightenment, following the teaching tradition of the great early Kadampas. The teachings are based on two verses from Maitreya’s Mahayanasutralamkara (Ornament of the Sutras), which cover the entire Mahayana teachings of the Buddha. Mahayanasutralamkara expounds ten stages of practice. The first is spiritual propensity; the second is convinced adherence to religion; the third is generating the enlightenment thought; the fourth is accomplishing the perfections of generosity and the remaining perfections; the fifth is maturing sentient beings; the sixth is entering upon the stainless paths; the seventh is thoroughly purifying the realms, the eighth is nonabiding nirvana; the ninth is the highest awakening and the tenth is demonstration.



1. Ani Gilda Taylor - January 18, 2009

This book is not/no longer available at Amazon

Rinchen - January 29, 2009

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