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Help Needed For Book Transportation March 15, 2009

Posted by Karen in IBA news, International Buddhist Academy.

At the request of H.H. Sakya Trizin, and in accordance with the wishes of Khenchen Appey Rinpoche, Dr. Khenpo Ngawang Jorden, IBA’s inspiring teacher and respected scholar, will be leaving his professionally paid post at the University of Chicago to serve as Headmaster of IBA, in charge of IBA’s full range of year-round educational programs.

In order for Khenpo Jorden to bring his entire library to IBA, to share with other scholars and researchers, he will need some assistance from patrons who understand the potential value of his collection as a resource for IBA.

This library of unbound Tibetan pechas, bound books in Tibetan, and books in English contains some irreplaceable volumes, as well as others that are unobtainable in Nepal, and some which, although obtainable, would be far more costly to replace than to transport.

A small fund of $825. US was raised by some of Khenpo Jorden’s students to help with the library moving costs before an estimate was obtained.  Now, an international relocation company has given Khenpo Jorden a detailed estimate of approximately $3500. US  for the cost of packing the books into a container, conveying it by sea to Calcutta, and transporting it by ground from the seaport to the IBA, where the library will be unpacked. The books are estimated to weigh approx. 1,500 pounds, and to take up over 200 cubic feet, after packing.

It would be a considerable gain for IBA to have these well-chosen and highly relevant books, both for Philosophy study and for Translation resources. But without help, it would be a heavy expense for Khenpo Jorden to bear, when he is already forgoing a professional’s Western salary in order to donate all of his personal talents, abilities and specialized experience for the rest of his teaching career, for the sake of IBA’s students.

If you can help or if you know someone who is willing to help with these shipping costs, please contact Khenpo Jorden :   <njorden(insert “at” symbol)uchicago.edu>, or follow our website’s links to a PayPal donation form, and specify that your donation is to be applied towards Khenpo Jorden’s Book Transportation Fund.

There is some urgency in this request for assistance, since Khenpo Jorden has a very limited amount of time to finalize the book transport along with so many other arrangements before he relocates to IBA in June.

Your assistance in finding this help is greatly appreciated and will indeed benefit many.



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